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Growth Equity:


The top performing asset class now available to retail investors.

Cambridge Associates, Private Equity, Index and Selected Benchmark Statistics, September 2019. Percentages represent annualized returns.

We offer investors the opportunity to invest directly in high-growth, private companies before they go public. Our interests are mutually aligned as our founders are the majority investors in each series.

Why Growth Equity?

Over the past decade, the increased access to venture and private capital has allowed companies to stay private longer. As a result, capital markets are more competitive while the private sector and institutional growth equity has become a top performing asset class. This trend has also impacted shareholders of these companies as they are forced to hold their positions longer than previously anticipated.

By bridging the gap between investors that want access to the private market and shareholders seeking liquidity, we create a secondary market that allows retail investors to invest in a top performing asset class that was previously restricted to institutional venture capital or private equity funds. 

The UIT Growth Equity Advantage

Access to premier pre-IPO opportunities

  • We provide access to high growth, middle-to-late-stage private companies, a highly desirable, restricted asset class that typically is exclusive to institutional investors. 


Due Diligence

  • Our founders have been the largest investors in each series to date. Before investing ourselves, we work directly with the company to obtain dataroom access and perform our own diligence. 

Direct Investments

  • We are not a traditional fund. You don’t invest in a blind pool; you invest alongside us, directly in the company. You choose what company you or your clients invest in based on your portfolio’s needs.

Optimized Tax Structure

  • We structure the investment in a way that allows us to distribute the underlying shares on a tax deferred basis. 

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